Become a Member

Becoming a Redbrand Member

At Redbrand Credit Union you are not just a customer, you’re a member. You have a voice, and we want to hear it! We welcome members to attend the Annual Meeting, held in February each year. Your $25 minimum balance is one share in the credit union; your right to vote. Membership is your ticket to exceptional financial services. You belong at Redbrand Credit Union.

Membership is open to anyone living or working in Peoria County or Tazewell County. In addition, anyone with a family member who is a member, any practicing Roman Catholic in the Peoria area and anyone who has been a member in past qualifies for membership.

To become a member, you must first open a savings account, titled Primary Share Account. A $25 minimum balance and $1 one-time membership fee is required to open the account. You are welcome to deposit more in the account, but to maintain membership status (and therefore access to Redbrand CU products and services) the $25 minimum balance is required.

ID Requirements

In addition to $26, those establishing membership will need to meet ID Requirements. Ideally, two forms of valid government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Military ID or FOID) with current address are presented. For those who only have one form of government ID, we can accept a second form of ID such as: work ID, school ID or a debit card with name embossed. For those that do not have their current address on their government issued ID, we need two forms of officical documentation (typically mail) to demonstrate the current address is valid. Examples of official documentation include: statement from another financial institution, utility bill, pay stub, DMV documents and school registration documents.

All new members must pass ID verification processes prior to the account being opened. In addition, ChexSystems and credit bureau reports are run. ChexSystems helps us determine what products and services you qualify for. The credit report is run primarily for ID verification purposes. However, while reviewing your credit report, we’re also looking for opportunities to save you money. We have literally saved our members MILLIONS - We saved one member $10,000* alone!! See his story.

Accounts can be opened at any of our locations during regular business hours Monday through Friday and at Pekin on Saturdays. As it can take about 45 minutes to open some accounts, we do not open accounts within half an hour of closing. Forty-five minutes may sound like a long time, but there’s a lot to cover. Banking can get complicated... we take the time to explain things to establish a successful banking relationship!

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