Who We Are

About Redbrand Credit Union

Redbrand Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution. We are here to serve our member’s financial needs. Our products and services are as diverse as our membership. Our core values are as strong as the steel forged in the factory from where we found our humble beginnings. We’re here to serve you.

Chartered in 1952 from our first location in an office at Keystone Steel & Wire with membership only open to Keystone employees, we’ve grown to three locations and a community charter. The first major change was in 1986, when Peoria County School’s Credit Union merged with us. This opened membership up to any employee of a Peoria County School. An office in Peoria was added to accommodate the needs of our new membership profile. In 1999 Cerelose Credit Union in Pekin merged into Redbrand Credit Union. Their Pekin office became our third location.

Redbrand was formed by employees of Keystone Steel & Wire to provide fair financial services to steelworkers, an option that may not have been likely for many of the workers at other financial service providers. By the people, for the people. While our field of membership has grown to include far more than just Keystone employees, our principle remains the same: provide great financial services at a fair price. We look forward to serving your banking needs!